We take pride in providing the very best in quality pet care. We are a full service grooming salon with a clean and open environment for your companion, reducing your pet’s stress and anxiety while she/he’s here. We are an excellent facility for all breeds. We set high standards in our grooming practices and offer competitive prices. We are professional, loving, and thorough with each individual animal in our care.

 A "bad hair day" may be a fashion faux pas for you but it can be much more troublesome for your dog. A coat that is in poor condition, excessively long, badly matted, or extremely dirty may lead to skin problems, discomfort and flea and tick infestations.


Having your pet professionally groomed on a consistent basis can help prevent these problems, and keep your dog happier and healthier.


Generally, breeds with stylized clips such as Poodles, Miniature Schnauzers and Shih Tzus should have a full grooming every six to eight weeks.


Breeds with less demanding needs should have a complete groom at least four times a year.


We offer grooming services for all breeds by our professional Pet Groomer staff.

We will also show you how to care for your pet's coat between grooming, hopefully making bad hair days a thing of the past.


Our Services




Whether you looking for a simple tidy up or the works, we can help.


Our fabulous 15-step Salon Grooming Experience includes




Trimming the nails

Removing inner-ear hair (If applicable)

Cleaning the ears

Sanitary trim

Starting hair cut (to get all of matted and unwanted hair out of the way)

Bathing (as many as it takes) Using a deep cleansing yet mild on the coat shampoo.

Air-temperature controlled drying followed by

Fluff drying and brushing

Finishing the hair cut and styling

A dab of breath spray (more for the owner than the pet)

A bandana and/or bow

Pet cologne and finishing sprays

And again, a last bit of TLC



 Prices are based on Breed and coat condition. Our staff take the time to ask you questions so we can provide you and your pet with the best possible experience and the finest grooming.


From shampoos, hair cuts and flea treatments - to exotic styling, pedicures, skin care, and moisturizing treatments, your pampered pet will go home looking great as well as feeling great! All of our dog grooming services are available by daily appointment, or can be scheduled with boarding.



To Compliment our grooming experience, we also offer "Pamper My Pet" services such as:

ID Tag service Available:

From the groomer ...Informational pages

 What to do about Matted and Tangled Coats (pdf)

Who's The Boss? (it should be you) (pdf)

   Oatmeal Baths (cleans and soothes the itch of dry, irritated skin)


 Nail Filing  (smoothes sharp edges that clipping can leave behind)


 Flea and Tick Baths (Both chemical and herbal available)


-Teeth Brushing


- Medicated Baths


 Nail Caps (Vet approved plastic caps that go over your pet's nails and stop the scratching)


 Nail Trims (walk-ins accepted for this service. We suggest you call first to make sure we're not too busy or out of the salon)




 Available Same-Day Services :


   Nail Trims, Ear Cleaning, Spot Treatment (matted spot), Face Trim, Under-Eye Trim, Nail Filing

Inner-Ear Hair Removal, Sanitary Trim, Nail Caps, Teeth Brushing.