We offer spacious suits (4' x 10' for larger dogs, 4' x 6' for small) for your pampered pet.  Clients who have more than one pet can enjoy our multi-pet discount when two or more pets stay in the same suit (certain restrictions apply, ask for more details).


What makes us different?  The owners live in the same building as your pet stays!  Our clients can have the peace of mind in knowing that their pets are supervised from the time they awake until the time they go to bed.  During the night time hours, the owners live above the kennel and after the last guest check, if an emergency should occur, the owners can quickly work to resolve the situation (i.e. lights go out, major thunder storm that may upset pets, etc.)


Our Services





  Comfortable, Cushiony Bedding (unless they destroy it).


 Music around the clock


 Cable Television.


 Of course, a clean and comfortable environment.


 Walks at least three times a day, as well as anytime a pet demonstrates a need to go out (owners can purchase additional time for their dog, such as a trail walk).


 A friendly, knowledgeable, caring and compassionate staff tending to the needs of your beloved pet.


 A 10 minute session of individual play time twice a day for each pet (older pets may not play as much as just enjoy all the personal attention, owner may also purchase additional time).


 A treat before bed (every pet is given a treat prior to settling in for the night).  Unless otherwise requested and provided, we serve fresh carrots as treats.  Most dogs thoroughly enjoy carrots and we find them to be less troublesome for a pet's digestive system.


 Because your pet's environment is changed while boarding, we ask owners to bring their pet's normal food and diet along with them.  Doing so allows for some continued consistency.  We encourage owners to send more food than will be needed just in case plans change unexpectedly. Also, keep in mind that when not at home and in their comfort-zone, pet's tend be more finicky about eating.


 Should your pet become ill, we will be happy to tend to his/her needs including a visit to the vet if necessary.


While staying at our resort, each guest will receive:


Boarding is the best alternative for care of your pet in your absence. The selection of this temporary, or often times Second Home is an important decision. Our facility provides for a clean, fresh environment and lots of attention and activity, which is essential to your pet’s happy and healthy stay. Our trained professionals strive to provide your family member an environment that greatly exceeds basic necessities. We offer discounts for multiple dogs or cats sharing the same accommodations. At Bows and Bandanas Pet Resort, we keep your pet’s comfort and needs our utmost priority.


Let us take care of your pets while you are away! Each and every Employee is dedicated to providing your companion animal with the best possible care day and night




Vaccination Requirements

(Veterinarian Proof of Vaccinations is Required)


            Bordetella (Kennel Cough) - boosters given yearly (dogs only)

  Distemper Combination Series - boosters given yearly (dogs and cats)

 Rabies - boosters given every one or three years (dogs and cats)

 Feline Leukemia for cats (is recommended, but not required)


If you are unsure about which vaccinations are required please contact us and we will be happy to help.  Please note: vaccinations must be provided by a fully licensed veterinarian. Customers must present proof of vaccination from their pet's veterinarian either by receipt or a letter faxed directly to us. We believe by up-holding such a strict policy we are acting in the best interest of all parties and animals involved.