Pet day care is a great way for pet owners to have  peace of mind

knowing that their pet is in a supervised environment while they are away!


No more destructive chewing, scratching, digging or messing in the house while

you're at work, shopping or visiting friends!


This service is designed  to meet the socialization, exercise and development needs of your Pet.




Dogs are separated by size and coached in developing socialization skills while having fun.


Reinforcement is also available for help with correcting unwanted behavior such as jumping on people .

Our Services




How it Works:

Drop off your pooch (usually in the am). We'll get him/her settled in and once we find out more about your dog's personality, we'll start the introduction to other dogs one at a time. we don't want to make the first day overwhelming!


  Your dog will play with his/her friends (canine and human), take naps and go out for bathroom breaks.


 We follow a schedule to ensure your pet has a happy and comfortable stay with us. However, if you have a specific schedule for your pet, please let us know and we will be happy to follow it (i.e. eat, go out to the bathroom or the administration of owner-provided medication).


When Your Pet Cannot Attend Daycare

Your pet needs to stay home for ten days following a spay/neuter operation (some exceptions apply).


If your dog is coughing/sneezing, has diarrhea, or is experiencing anything that is not normal, please do not bring him/her to daycare (he/she could be contagious).


Females in heat


If your pet has fleas, mites or other similar concerns.



Please note: All dogs go through a screening process before being accepted into day care.  Day Care is not for every dog.


It is our discretion whether or not to accept a dog to the day care based on the dog's temperament, age or illness. We have the right to refuse unneutered dogs, as well as dogs in heat.


Dogs be vaccinated annually with the following vaccines:


Distemper combination

Rabies (every 3 years in adult dogs)

Bordatella (kennel cough)

 Proof from your veterinarian is required.